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  • The new energy industry is accelerating clustering! Cham New Energy Headquarters project has been signed and settled.

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    On November 7th, Cham New Energy Headquarters project was signed and settled in Suzhou High-tech Zone, which will accelerate the layout of new energy storage tracks and new fields, injecting strong momentum into the high-quality development of the regional green and low-carbon industry.

    Gu Haidong, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor, Meng Zhicheng, chairman of Cham New Energy, Daniel Luigi Lissio, global president of the solution business group of Siemens AG, Li Hong, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Physics Institute and director of the Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center, Mao Wei, Party Committee Secretary of the High-tech Zone, Song Changbao, Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Director of the High-tech Zone Management Committee, relevant district leaders and officials from the Municipal and District government departments attended the signing ceremony.

    Cham New Energy Co., Ltd.

    Cham New Energy Co., Ltd. is one of the leading companies in China that has engaged in the professional lithium battery industry since its inception. It is industry-leading and internationally advanced in the fields of capacity-type batteries and power-type batteries. Its products are widely used in intelligent equipment, green travel, energy storage systems, etc.

    In this signing with the High-tech Zone, Cham New Energy invested in building its headquarters, introducing advanced technologies such as lead-free ultra-low internal resistance and wide temperature solid-state batteries. It also built a digitized factory with Siemens’ support, a production headquarters for new energy technology and engineering research and development, and a cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Physics Institute on a research institute for advanced energy in Taihu Lake’s wide temperature range. The first phase of the investment totaled 5.3 billion yuan.

    Gu Haidong pointed out that Suzhou is a city with a strong economy, a large industrial base, and a city full of innovation. Currently, it is rapidly creating a continuous boom of “focusing on attracting investment, promoting projects, and accelerating development”. Suzhou will continue to provide the best business environment and comprehensive service support for enterprise development and project advancement. It will focus on optimizing and improving the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and work with enterprises to seize development opportunities and create a better future together.

    Meng Zhicheng said that Suzhou is full of innovative vitality, has a strong industrial foundation, and enjoys first-class business environment. The High-tech Zone is a place for investment and business development. Cham New Energy will take this headquarters project as a new starting point to increase research and development innovation, accelerate the layout of new tracks and fields such as wide temperature batteries, and contribute to the development of the new energy storage industry.

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