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    On September 20th, Shenzhen Cham New Energy Co., Ltd. held a new product launch in Mianyang, Sichuan. The company launched the “Bamboo  Battery Program” and the world’s first integrated bamboo  battery CTP1.0.


    Cham New Energy has been deeply engaged in the lithium-ion battery industry for 20 years, focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. It has achieved six capacity breakthroughs on 18650 cylindrical batteries. The launched bamboo  battery series is a leap in evolution based on Cham’s many years of research and manufacturing experience. As the domestic leader in 46 series battery products, it will serve the energy storage market with higher safety and longer lifespan.

    46120 Energy Storage Bamboo Battery
    Design Optimization
    No fiberboard or fixed sheet metal for insulation
    Significant reduction in material costs
    The material cost is 15.0% lower than traditional prismatic modules
    CCS (Integrated Busbar)
    Highly integrated components, reducing assembly processes and complexity
    Assembly Costs Are 13.5% Lower
    Anti-thermal spreading system according to vehicle standards
    Glass fiber aerogel insulation board, ceramic fireproof wool, thermal insulation temperature difference up to 461℃
    In line with UL9540A safety design
    Efficient thermal management system
    Liquid cooling design, effectively controlling the module temperature difference within 4℃

    32140 Sodium-Ion Small Power Bamboo Battery
    Integrated bracket and housing CTP
    Accessories cost savings ≈20%
    Processing cost savings ≈10%
    Cost savings of more than 15%, Capacity retention rate of 80% after 2,000 cycles, wide temperature resistance range -40℃-60℃
    Acquisition line FPC
    Light weight and improve reliability and safety

    46215 Energy Storage Bamboo Battery
    Excellent insulation, strong maintainability, structural stability, extremely simple PACK groups
    Extreme lightweight and thin design
    The thickness is only 43% of that of the same type of vertical group design
    The Oriental design philosophy
    Mortise-and-tenon structure, easy connection in series and expansion in parallel

    In 2022, Cham New Energy Project was established in Mianyang Industrial Park in Sichuan Province with a total investment of 12 billion yuan and covering an area of 390 acres. The project will build fully automated battery production lines and supporting PACK production lines as well as digital production lines for lithium batteries with ten production lines dedicated to energy storage. The production base for energy storage will be completed by the end of this month, marking a new chapter in the development of Cham New Energy projects. When fully operational, the project will achieve an annual output value of approximately 30 billion yuan, significantly contributing to the development of the energy storage industry on multiple fronts such as industry focus, technology advancement, product portfolio expansion, and industrial chain ecosystems.

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