Customized Sectors

Lithium ion batteries are produced in strict standardization and high-quality products are exported

Electric Mobility

The warranty is one year, lifelong maintenance, and major maintenance twice a year within four years. Maintenance, equipment fault repair and process commissioning support

Smart Home

High quality testing instruments, high-quality products to serve you, casting a good brand

Energy Storage System

Customized solutions and free supporting technical solutions can be provided to customize special products

Cordless Tool

Dozens of monitoring and management processes and on-site resource tracking. The fine processing flow of colleges and universities meets the requirements of standard production technology

Production Equipment

It has the performance of high safety, high capacity and long cycle life

Development History

Discover CHAM history - 20 years dedication in Lithium battery

Corporate Video

We deliver solutions with unsurpassed support, and guarantee our clients with enhanced productivity.

News Information

Dynamic moments happening on CHAM team

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