Corporate Culture

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“Innovation” is the gene of Chuangming, with the core of satisfying customer needs, the orientation of creating value beyond expectations for customers, and the persistence of long-termism to create more competitive innovative products for customers!



“Excellence” is Chuangming’s work standard, excellence: outstanding and beyond ordinary. Chuangming people must always be committed to using the highest standards and the most rigorous attitude to provide customers with the best quality products and services; to insist on achieving the ultimate in every ordinary thing is excellence.



“Struggle” is Chuangming’s behavior. In order to realize the company’s mission and vision and provide a broader development platform for the majority of Chuangming people, Chuangming people need to persist in group struggle to create value for customers and the company for a long time. Realize your own value. Chuangming’s incentive distribution will only be tilted towards high performers and strugglers who create value.



“Sharing” is the operating model of Chuangming. In the development process, Chuangming is willing to share the results of corporate development and the spirit of struggle with customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and the society.

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