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    2022LNEC8-The 8th China Lithium Battery (Nadium Battery) New Energy Conference and 2022 Green Battery Annual Conference have been held in Shenzhen from December 7th to 8th, 2022. At this annual meeting, Zhao Youman, R&D Director of Cham Battery, delivered a keynote speech on Prospects of Sodium-ion Batteries for Electric Two-wheelers.

    Mrs. Zhao mentioned that as a key component of electric two-wheeler, lithium-ion batteries has dominant position in the market, while there is an ambivalent attitude towards it. On one hand, lithium batteries can meet the requirements of the new national standard, and satisfy the daily needs of consumers. However, lithium batteries is relatively high on cost.

    Sodium-ion batteries have prominent advantages. Firstly, total material cost is theoretically 40% to 50% lower compared to lithium-ion batteries; secondly, sodium metal on the earth are 400 times that of lithium, and it’s in uniform distribution globally ; Thirdly, sodium ions have a better performance. Based on Cham research on 32140 battery, the 12Ah sodium battery has a comprehensive better performance compared with the lithium iron phosphate 15Ah.

    “At present, sodium batteries are still in engineering state either considering from the technical level or from the perspective of the upstream and downstream industry chain. At this stage, the relationship between sodium batteries and lithium batteries is more complementary than replacement. In the long term, low-cost, long-cycle sodium-ion batteries are bound to provide more possibilities and options for electric two-wheeled vehicles.

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