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  • Mianyang Base Construction Update

    release time:2022-9-21 Hits:149

    After the singing ceremony on September 21, 2022, the construction of CHAM second base has officially started! The overall planning and design, general layout and construction drawings are all in progress in an orderly manner.

    On November 1, earthwork operations, geological surveys were running smoothly at the same time. Dozens of excavators, bulldozers, and heavy-duty muck trucks shuttled back and forth at the site, working in a busy and orderly manner. At present, 38% of the total engineering demand has been completed for earthwork filling and excavation. Dozens of crawler drilling machines are operating at the same time, completed 78% of the geological survey task.

    At the same time, with the strong support of Mianyang City, the project filing, contract signing, mapping, declaration of water and electricity have all been completed!

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