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  • Heavyweight! The Blue Book of the Development of China’s Large Cylindrical Lithium Battery Industry in 2023, which was compiled by CHAM, has been released.

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    On the afternoon of November 21, 2023, the prestigious 2023 annual high-tech lithium battery conference took place at JW Marriott Hotel in Qianhai Overseas Chinese Town, Shenzhen. Cham New Energy was cordially invited to attend this significant event. During the conference, a groundbreaking report that sets the industry’s direction, titled “The Blue Book of China’s Large Cylindrical Lithium Battery Industry Development in 2023” (hereinafter referred to as “The Blue Book”), was officially unveiled. As a co-compiler of this influential publication, Cham not only actively participated in its compilation but also seized this opportunity to gain profound insights into the development trends and future prospects of the large cylindrical lithium battery industry.

    “The Blue Book” comprehensively presents an accurate depiction of China’s current state and future trajectory within the large cylindrical lithium battery sector through meticulous data analysis and insightful examination. As a co-compiler, Cham collaborated closely with the High-tech Lithium Battery Industry Research Institute and made substantial contributions to understanding China’s large cylindrical lithium battery industry while offering unique perspectives on its future development. We firmly believe that “The Blue Book” will serve as an invaluable reference guide for driving industry growth.

    Cham has consistently prioritized investment in and attention towards advancing within the large cylindrical lithium battery sector. We are confident that technical expertise and product quality will be pivotal factors determining our future success. Therefore, Cham remains committed to continuously enhancing our technical capabilities and product excellence to adapt seamlessly to market demands while meeting customer expectations. Cham will also take this opportunity to strengthen its market layout, enhance product competitiveness, and make unremitting efforts to promote the sustainable development of the large cylindrical lithium battery industry.

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