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  • CHAM serves as the Vice Chairman at Dongguan Energy Storage Industry Alliance

    release time:2022-12-12 Hits:136

    On December 12, Dongguan Energy Storage Industry Alliance, under the guidance of Dongguan Development and Reform Bureau and Dongguan Industry and Information Technology Bureau, was organized and established by the joining of leading members Greenway, Long Tech, Cham Battery, Yangtian Electronics, more than 100 representative companies voluntarily join in and form a comprehensive service platform for the energy storage industry in Dongguan.

    The alliance will establish a service platform, integrate and exchange resources, information in the industry to promote technical communication and cooperation, driving Dongguan become an international competitive manufacturing center and highland in new energy industry. It is believed that under strong support of the Dongguan Government, Cham Battery and all alliance members will surely grasp the new opportunities in the new era, work hard to achieve a leap in the industry development.

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