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  • CHAM Battery releases the world’s first quasi-solid-state 21700 cylindrical battery based on high safety and high energy density

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    CHAM Battery has been deeply involved in the cylindrical lithium-ion battery industry for 20 years. In recent years, CHAM has accumulated core technology reserves for multiple material routes in large cylindrical battery products such as 21700, 32140, and 4680, and combined with other technologies such as solid-state battery material systems, it has developed and launched the 21700 high-safety quasi-solid-state lithium-ion battery product. As early as 2016, CHAM Battery mass-produced 21700 batteries in the high-nickel system, and this quasi-solid-state cylindrical battery is an iterative version based on CHAM’s many years of manufacturing experience and progress in electrochemical materials, with a capacity of up to 6000mAh.


    In the development of lithium-ion batteries, the energy density of the battery is usually increased by using high-nickel materials or increasing the battery voltage, but these methods also bring serious safety issues. As the nickel content in the cathode material gradually increases, the thermal decomposition temperature of the corresponding material also gradually decreases. Once the battery experiences abnormal phenomena such as short circuits, overcharging, and over-discharging, its temperature will rise sharply, and the lower thermal decomposition temperature makes it easier for the cathode to release oxygen, exacerbating the internal heat generation of the battery, and causing the battery to be more prone to thermal runaway, fire, and explosion, resulting in safety accidents. Therefore, developing cells that simultaneously have high energy density and high safety has always been a challenge for lithium-ion batteries.

    This 21700 high safety quasi-solid-state lithium-ion battery cell released by CHAM Battery uses low-cobalt multi-element cathode and silicon alloy anode materials, with a capacity of up to 6000mAh and an energy density breakthrough of 320Wh/kg. The cycle life is as long as 1500 weeks. The cathode material adopts solid-state electrolyte surface modification technology, which significantly improves its thermal stability and reduces the interface impedance. At the same time, solid-state electrolyte membranes are used instead of traditional separators, which significantly reduces the flammable organic electrolyte content in the battery, thus significantly improving the safety performance of the battery.

    The product’s safety performance is outstanding:

    1. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) tests show that compared to the traditional battery 100% SOC positive electrode plate, the 100% SOC positive electrode plate using solid-state electrolyte surface modification technology has increased its thermal decomposition temperature from 206.5°C to 225.1°C.

    2.This high safety quasi-solid-state lithium-ion battery has passed the IEC 60079 standard explosion-proof short-circuit test, which indicates that the safety risks caused by external short circuits can be effectively reduced. At the same time, the battery has high heat resistance and can maintain no fire or explosion in a 180°C oven for 30 minutes.


    This battery meets standards in the electric two-wheeler field, such as UL1642, IEC62133, GB 31241-2014, and GB 17761-2018. The battery module also meets the requirements of GB/T 36672-2018 “Lithium-ion batteries for electric motorcycles and electric mopeds,” providing long range for electric two-wheeler and safeguarding their safety performance.

    CHAM Battery has released a high-safety quasi-solid-state 21700 lithium-ion battery, which boasts the following outstanding features based on the company’s years of technical expertise in battery material and manufacturing processes:

    1.It is optimized to replace the 18650 battery in various applications, with an overall performance improvement of over 80%.

    2.The battery’s energy density has reached 320Wh/kg, a 30% increase, which is currently the highest level achievable in domestic 21700 battery products.

    3.The battery production process have been significantly optimized, resulting in a 20% reduction in battery pack costs and a 25% reduction in pack weight for the same amount of electricity.

    4.The battery and battery pack have passed the 180℃ heat box test and continuous extreme overcharge/short-circuit tests, making it the first 21700 battery in China to pass these similar extreme safety tests simultaneously.

    This high-safety quasi-solid-state 21700 battery is designed for high-end intelligent fields, such as smart homes and green mobility, to meet the diversified needs of consumers. It can be combined with enterprise design for more versatile product appearances, higher capacity, and safer performance, making it a significant breakthrough for the next generation of intelligent product demands.

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