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  • Big Breakthrough-Chinese First Launch 3350mAh 18650

    release time:2022-1-10 Hits:592

    On November 16th, we are proud and excited to anounce CHAM 18650 3500mAh is now officially launched!


    Cell in 3500mAh is the first launch in China with such high capacity, it also epitomizes the sixth time CHAM’s first launch of high-energy density cylindrical batteries in domestic market.

    The INR18650F9E cylindrical battery has the advantages of high energy density and high safety performance that can be adapted to the high-end market. The capacity is comparable to Samsung S35E products, and it has a better cycle life. Lightweight mopeds, smart homes, and high-end consumer products equipped with 18650F9E cylindrical batteries can easily achieve long battery life and calendar life. Through the unremitting efforts of the R&D team, the product has been continuously developed and optimized, and has successfully obtained UN38.3, UL1642, GB31241 and other certifications.

    Though it’s a new launch, the technology is relatively mature, every small step improvement in product performance will open up a brighter way forward. The development of new products is also inseparable from the unity and cooperation of the company’s various departments, struggle and sharing, and stability and long-term development. Only by looking at the problems from multiple aspects can the products become more perfect and adapt to market needs.

    After this press conference, colleagues from various departments have a deeper understanding of the new products, and the R&D center will work harder to steadily complete the F9E follow-up development plan to improve performance and ensure quality. All CHAM people work together to respond to the tide of development of the times and expand the boundaries for the company’s development!

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